About the Seren

‘Seren’ is the Welsh word for ‘Star’, and it certainly says what we think about this beautiful redesign of our much-loved ‘Telor’ model.

The ‘Seren’ uses exactly the same materials and construction as the Telor, so has exactly the same beautiful Teifi sound our customers expect. However, after listening to customer feedback we have endeavoured to reduce the weight of our 34-string harp model, resulting in the ‘Seren’. A stunning new join at the neck and column increases the strength of this model despite the reduced weight, and with its easily detachable legs now coming as standard, it is much more practical for gigging harpists!

The origins of our 34-string model lie in the recognition of the need for a more lightweight instrument of the type traditionally favoured by folk and Celtic harpists. The Seren weighs just 10kg and so is easy to transport. It comes with our stainless steel tuning pins as standard, but you can upgrade to our super light titanium tuning pins if you want an even lighter harp. This harp is available in a range of hardwoods which are hand selected by us at our specialist wood yard (please use the swatch selector above to view each type). All of the parts of the Seren harp (with the exception of the strings) are designed and made by us in our workshop which enables us to ensure a high quality instrument which sounds great and is built to last.

Choice of wood/finish

The Seren is available in the same woods and finishes as our other harps – please note that the images above show the Seren in the Olive Ash and Black finishes – the other images show the previous Telor model as an example of the choices.

Stringing Options

The Seren comes with a choice of stringing options so that harpists can tailor the instrument to their personal preference. Standard-gauge gut strings offer body and higher tension whilst lever-gauge gut string are brighter and lower in tension. We also offer a number of different types of synthetic string if preferred – please enquire for more information.

Teifi Semitone Levers

Like all our professional model folk harps, the Seren features our own unique Teifi Semitone Levers. Made in our workshop and the product of many years research and development, these semitone levers are made from solid brass, aluminium and hardened steel and are designed give clear, defined semitone notes which do not differ appreciably from open strings. Unlike semitone levers on other harps, Teifi levers are based on the concert harp principle of double forks – this ensures minimum wear on the harp strings, as well as a positive clear sound when engaged. They are colour coded, smooth to use and easily adjustable for pitch and different string gauges. Teifi levers are also very suitable for playing contemporary music such as jazz due to their easy action, which makes note bending and quick chromatic changes quick and smooth.


  • Range – 1st Octave A to 6th Octave C
  • Choice of stringing options – gut (lever or standard gauge), or synthetic
  • Unique Teifi Semitone Levers fitted as standard
  • Choice of plastic capped or ball end levers
  • Made from hand-selected materials
  • Available in Black Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Beech & ‘Harlequin’ (wood mix)
  • Bespoke personalisation and decoration available as an additional extra
  • Sub-base with legs available to order for a raised playing height
  • One year’s free servicing
  • Five Year Warranty
Soundboard Wood
Western Red Cedar
1st Oct A-6th Oct C
Teifi Levers
5 Years

Bespoke Harp Decoration

All of our harps can be customised (at an additional cost) to feature various forms of decoration. These works are carried out either by us or talented artists from the local area. Click here to find out more.

Harp soundboard decoration Celtic knotwork pyrographyHarp soundboard decoration stained glass portholeHarp soundboard decoration handpainted butterflies

How to try/buy a Seren

You can buy our harps directly online from our shop here or place an order by phone or email. If you would like to try a harp before you buy or hire, you are welcome to visit the Teifi Harps workshop in Llandysul, or you can visit one of our agents/stockists. We also offer harps for hire.

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