Reviews & Testimonials

Product reviews and testimonials from the many harpists and customers who have bought a Teifi Harp. Find out what people think about our Siff Saff, Telor, and Eos models.

Harpist Glenda ClwydGlenda Clwyd
Glenda is one of Wales’ foremost harpists. During her studies at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama she received the prestigious Pernod Award:

“Congratulations to Teifi Harps for bringing quality and precision back to the world of Celtic harps. I play the Gwennol Folk Harp every day at home and publicly, and it’s great to have a harp that’s equally beautiful to look at as well as having a “bite”. This is the warmest and loveliest sound I’ve ever heard from a small harp. Not only is it a pleasure to play, it’s also inspired me to start composing once again – many thanks!”

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Harpist Harriet EarisHarriet Earis
The All Britain Harp Champion in 2000 and 2002 and one of the world’s leading exponents of the Celtic harp:

“The first time I played a Teifi Harp I just said “Wow!” I’d never played a Celtic harp with such a huge, rich, true sound. They’re outstanding instruments made with skill and dedication and it’s wonderful to see Welsh-made harps taking the spotlight again. A fantastic harp company! Every harpist should try one!”

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harpist Steffan ThomasSteffan Thomas
Triple harpist and winner of the John Weston Thomas Traditional Harp Competition 2005. Steffan was awarded an Eos Celtic Harp as first prize by competition sponsor, Teifi Harps:

“Usually I only play the triple harp, but winning the Eos Celtic harp has given me the opportunity to experiment with a different method of playing. The Teifi Harp is a very special instrument, and not just because it’s made in Wales! The craftsmanship and production technology used by the company has truly resulted in a top quality harp. It creates a wonderful sound for an instrument of its size.”

Harpist Patricia DalyPatricia Daly
Senior All Ireland Harp Champion and International Award Winner on numerous occasions, Patricia Daly holds a Masters Degree in Irish Traditional Music Performance:

“Teifi Harps have a wonderful musical sound quality, having a deep, mellow, and yet enchantingly magical effect. No more long waiting lists for beautifully finished hand crafted harps – Teifi Harps are a company who highly respect and look after their customers. These harps are alive and reflect the heart and soul of the performer; a sensitive and touching bond quickly develops and one just has to own a Teifi Harp…wow!!!”

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