Reviews & Testimonials

Product reviews and testimonials from the many harpists and customers who have bought a Teifi Harp. Find out what people think about our Siff Saff, Telor and Eos.

glenda-clwyd-smlGlenda Clwyd
Glenda is one of Wales’ foremost harpists. During her studies at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama she received the prestigious Pernod Award:

“Congratulations to Teifi Harps for bringing quality and precision back to the world of Celtic harps. I play the Gwennol Folk Harp every day at home and publicly, and it’s great to have a harp that’s equally beautiful to look at as well as having a “bite”. This is the warmest and loveliest sound I’ve ever heard from a small harp. Not only is it a pleasure to play, it’s also inspired me to start composing once again – many thanks!”

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harriet-earis-smlHarriet Earis
The All Britain Harp Champion in 2000 and 2002 and one of the world’s leading exponents of the Celtic harp:

“The first time I played a Teifi Harp I just said “Wow!” I’d never played a Celtic harp with such a huge, rich, true sound. They’re outstanding instruments made with skill and dedication and it’s wonderful to see Welsh-made harps taking the spotlight again. A fantastic harp company! Every harpist should try one!”

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steffan-thomas-smlSteffan Thomas
Triple harpist and winner of the John Weston Thomas Traditional Harp Competition 2005. Steffan was awarded an Eos Celtic Harp as first prize by competition sponsor, Teifi Harps:

“Usually I only play the triple harp, but winning the Eos Celtic harp has given me the opportunity to experiment with a different method of playing. The Teifi Harp is a very special instrument, and not just because it’s made in Wales! The craftsmanship and production technology used by the company has truly resulted in a top quality harp. It creates a wonderful sound for an instrument of its size.”

Patricia DalyPatricia Daly
Senior All Ireland Harp Champion and International Award Winner on numerous occasions, Patricia Daly holds a Masters Degree in Irish Traditional Music Performance:

“Teifi Harps have a wonderful musical sound quality having a deep mellow and yet enchantingly magical effect. No more long waiting lists for beautifully finished hand crafted harps – Teifi Harps are a company who highly respect and look after their customers. These harps are alive and reflect the heart and soul of the performer; a sensitive and touching bond quickly develops and one just has to own a Teifi Harp…wow!!!”

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