Advertise Your Harp Online

To advertise your harp online, simply provide us with some information about your harp, your location and the price you would like to achieve and let us do the rest. Our website advertising reaches a worldwide audience, with 35k yearly visits and top Google rankings for keywords such as ‘second hand harps’ and ‘used harps’.

We strongly recommend that harps are serviced before being advertised for sale – this increases potential buyers’ confidence. Please contact us if you require a quote for servicing your instrument.

The minimum period for advertising your harp is 1 month. Please inform us when your harp sells to avoid disappointment for prospective purchasers. If you have not sold the harp after six months, we will contact you to discuss extending the advert.

The cost to advertise online with a description and 3 photos is as follows:

  • Lap Harps: £5 a month
  • Lever Harps : £10 a month
  • Pedal Harps: £15 a month

Harp Definitions

A lap harp is classed as an instrument that is played on the knee, partially or fully levered, usually around 26 strings. A lever harp is an instrument that the harpist sits behind with the harp on the floor, on legs, or on a plinth. This harp is usually fully levered, and will have approximately 36 strings. A pedal harp, also known as a concert harp, is be a large instrument of around 47 strings and has no lever mechanism.

If you are unsure which category your harp fits in, please contact us.