Bespoke Harp Customisation & Decoration

If you would like to add a personal touch to your Teifi harp, all of our models come with the option of adding your own bespoke hand-crafted decorative features (though there is an additional cost for this). This can include:

  • Decorative painting or pyrography
  • Carving
  • Inlay
  • Stained glass

The work is either carried out by us in-house or by talented local artists who support Teifi Harps as a community business. We liaise with the artists to work on your ideas and to ensure that your design appears as you want it.

Customised harp with a carved wren on top

Painted & Pyrographed Soundboard Decoration

local artist Christine Sheath handpainting a harp soundboard
One popular request we receive is for the harp’s soundboard to be decorated. This can be either painted in colour or burned on using pyrography which results in a beautiful brown/tan design. Both of these processes are carried out by talented local artist Christine Sheath from Rhydowen.

Please browse through the gallery on the left to see some of the previous designs that customers have had on their harps.

Carving & Stained Glass

Another popular request for harp customisation is the inclusion of a porthole at the top of the neck. The hole can either house a carving, or, more commonly, a piece of stained glass. We ask Llandysul’s stained glass specialists Cariad Glass to work with our customers to come up with a design which matches their ideas and works within the given space. Please note that the porthole is not available on the Siff Saff.

If you would like to discuss design options for customised decoration on a Teifi harp, please get in touch. The limit is your imagination!