About the Eos

Eos is the Welsh word for ‘Nightingale’.

The genesis of this 36-string folk harp came from a collaboration with the harpist of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales over 30 years ago. The aim was to make a harp similar in sound to the centre range and sound of a full size concert harp. It has the same tensions and spacing as a concert harp and has a responsive, rewarding full sound. It is ideal for for harpists and teachers who would like the benefits of a concert harp within a folk instrument. All the parts of this harp are designed and made by us in our workshop (with the exception of the strings) which enables us to ensure a high quality instrument which is made to last.

Teifi Semitone Levers

The Eos features our own Teifi Semitone Levers. These unique levers are the result of many years of research and development. Made from solid brass, aluminium and hardened steel, they are designed give clear, defined semitone notes which do not differ appreciably from open strings. Unlike other semitone levers which tend to wear strings down, Teifi levers are based on the concert harp principle of double forks. This means they do not wear the harp strings and give a positive clear sound when engaged.

Teifi levers are colour coded, smooth to use and easily adjustable for pitch and differing string gauges. They are also suited for jazz due to the easy action which can be used for hammer-ons and quick chromatic notes. The tuning pins on the Eos are made from titanium which means they do not corrode in the neck and also make the harp lighter. They have a coloured band denoting red for ‘C’ and black for ‘F’ as an aid to tuning.

Carved Welsh Scroll

The Eos comes with the option of having a carved scroll at the top of neck (at an extra cost). This is a design unique to Welsh harps which has its origins in the Triple Harp – an instrument which is only found in Wales. Our chief harp maker Allan Shiers learned to carve these as an apprentice with the late John Weston Thomas and has since incorporated it into the Eos.


  • Range – 1st Octave C to 6th Octave C
  • Similar string spacing and tension to a concert harp
  • Concert harp gauge strings (gut and wire)
  • Made from carefully-selected materials
  • Unique Teifi Semitone Levers fitted as standard
  • Available in Black Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Beech and Harlequin (Wood mix)
  • Traditional Welsh scroll available as an additional extra
  • Additional bespoke customisation & decoration also available
  • Stands available to order for raised playing heights should different playing heights if needed
  • One year’s free servicing
  • 5 year warranty
Soundboard Wood
Western Red Cedar
1st Oct C-6th Oct C
Teifi Levers
5 Years

Bespoke Harp Decoration

All of our harps can be customised at an extra cost to feature various forms of decoration. This can include a soundboard with a design either painted or burnt on by pyrography, wood inlay, stained glass and also carving. These works are carried out either by us or talented artists from the local area. Click here to find out more.

Harp soundboard decoration with Celtic knotwork pyrographyHarp with coloured stained glass portholeHarp soundboard decoration with handpainted butterflies

How to try/buy an Eos

You can buy our harps directly online from our shop here or place an order by phone or email. If you would like to try a harp before you buy or hire, you are welcome to visit the Teifi Harps workshop in Llandysul, or you can visit one of our agents/stockists. We also offer harps for hire.

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