Pedal harp servicing and restoration

Harp Repairs & Servicing


Your harp is a high precision instrument and requires servicing to be kept in top condition. How often your harp needs servicing depends mainly on how much it is used. For leisurely beginners, once every couple of years is fine, while professional harpists may require to have their instruments serviced on an annual basis.

We offer full professional harp servicing to both lever and pedal harps at our premises in Llandysul and at a selection of harp festivals that we attend. We also undertake restoration/repair work on all types of harp ranging from lap harps to triple harps and concert harps of a considerable age. Our chief harp maker Allan Shiers has over 40 years’ experience in making and repairing harps so please rest assured that your instrument will be in good hands.

For any questions regarding repairs and servicing, or to book an appointment, please contact us.