What makes Teifi Harps different?

Teifi Harps are not quite like other harps. The product of decades of research, development, and harp-making experience, our instruments marry the tried and tested techniques of traditional craftsmanship with the advances and innovations of 21st century technology.

Our chief harp maker Allan Shiers has been making harps for over 40 years. By combining his experience and expertise with new technology and materials, we are able to produce harps which are lightweight, sound great and which are built to withstand the stresses and demands of modern-day playing. From the careful selecting of wood to the smooth action of our semi-tone levers, every stage of our harp-making process is meticulously planned and carried out.

Please read on for more information, and if you would like to listen and see our harps in action, please use the audio and video players further down the page.

Design & Innovation

We are constantly striving to improve the design and sound of our harps. The foundation of our skills set is the traditional harp making expertise passed on by Allan Shiers, who has spent a lifetime improving harp design and construction. Since 2002, Teifi Harps has built on this knowledge and introduced innovations such as CAD/CAM into the design and manufacturing process.

Our in-house expertise in this field now means that we are able to produce instruments with high precision and accuracy using materials such as aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre to make our harps lighter and stronger. Stress testing, load simulation and sound spectrum analysis allows us to guarantee structural integrity and ensure that the harps sound as good as they possibly can.

A leap forward in lever design

Teifi Harps are one of the very few harp makers who make their own semitone levers. Our ‘TT Lever’ is a unique lever which is the result of many years of research and development.

Designed to minimise string wear whilst maintaining the integrity of the sound by using a ‘double nip-up’, the lever is based on the ‘double fork’ mechanism of the concert harp. The result is a leap forward in lever design, and they are fitted as standard to all of our harps.

Watch & Listen

To listen to studio recordings of our harps, use the audio player below to listen to tunes being played on each different model. You can also use the video player to the right to see some of the wonderful artists who play our harps.

Eos Harp – Adar Mân Y Mynydd (Welsh traditional)

Siff Saff Harp – Lisa Lân (Welsh traditional)

Telor Harp – Over The Sea To Skye (Scottish traditional)