Teifi Harps in Patagonia

Apr 7, 2016 | Company

You may remember a little while ago we let you see how we were preparing and shipping a handful of harps to Patagonia as part of the 150 year anniversary celebrations there. Getting harps through Argentinean customs was an experience. There was mention of a problem being that the harps are made from wood which is not native to Patagonia. Maybe we didn’t bribe the right people?! Nonetheless, here is a lovely photo above of one of the harps safe and sound in Patagonia being played by a young harpist. Also, thanks to Sioned who was out in Patagonia, she has given us permission to show some more shots of Telynau Teifi harps in action in Ysgol yr Hendre, Trelew and the music school in Gaiman. You may notice some well known harpists in here to….